Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's a New York Blizzard and I'm beat!

It's 10:30pm Saturday night.  I just got home from work.  There is currently a blizzard in New York so bad that it took me and hour and a half to get home.  Cars were sliding sideways on the parkway.  It was rough.  When I got home I was too tired to make anything, so I asked my wife for something simple, like microwave Ramen.

I ate microwave Chow Mein.  And it was great.  Nothing says exhausted like microwave dinners.
Nothing says SUPER exhausted like having someone make it for you.
My wonderful wife did make me fudge though.

Doesn't that look great!  You're jealous, admit it.
And now, I go to bed.


  1. Those little star containers are so cute! And the fudge does look good...

  2. Poor you. And you got up and did it all over again. I love the "Cooking Murse" title. Did you eat all that food?
    Love you.